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Tikka Paneer
Fish Shashlick
Nargis Kebab
Reshmee Kebab
Mix Platter
Stuffed Pepper (veg/lmb/chk)
Onion Pakora
Tandoori King Prawn
Prawn Puree
Mushroom Puree
Chicken Tikka
Lamb Tikka
Tandoori Chicken
Mixed Kebab
Sheek Kebab
Chicken or Lamb Shashlick
Meat or Veg Samosa
Chicken Chat
Prawn Cocktail
Chicken Tikka Pakora
King Prawn Puree
Chicken Pakora



SVB Chef's Special Tawa
Tawa Shimla
Tawa Lamb Tikka Sagwala
Tawa King Prawn Sagwala
Tawa Chk Tikka Bhuna Mossala
Tawa Chicken Tikka
Tawa Chicken Chilli Garlic
Tawa Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi
Tawa Chicken Tikka Mushroom Saag
Tawa Chicken Tikka Massala
Tawa Chicken Tikka Sagwala
Tawa Vegetables

Fresh Vegetable Dishes
Balti Vegetable Curry
Balti Aloo Gobi
Balti Vegetable Dhall Samber
Balti Vegetable Saag
Balti Saag Aloo
Balti Vegetable and Mushroom
Balti Chana and Saag Aloo

Chicken Balti Dishes

Balti Chicken
Balti Chicken Mushroom
Balti Chicken Sagwala
Balti Chicken Aloo
Balti Chicken Tikka
Balti Chicken Kurma
Balti Chicken Madras
Balti Chicken Vindaloo
Balti Chicken Pathia
Balti Chicken Dhansak
Balti Chicken Gralic
Balti Chicken Jalfrezi
Balti Chicken Vegetables
Balti Chicken Rogan Josh
Balti Chicken Tikka Bhoona
House Balti

Lamb Blati Dishes
Balti Lamb
Balti Lamb Mushroom
Balti Lamb Saagwala
Balti Lamb Aloo
Balti Lamb Tikka
Balti Lamb Kurma
Balti Lamb Madras
Balti Lamb Vindaloo
Balti Lamb Pathia
Balti Lamb Dhansak
Balti Lamb Garlic
Balti Lamb Jalfrezi
Balti Lamb Vegetables
Balti Lamb Rogan Josh

Prawn Balti Dishes
Balti Prawn
Balti Prawn Mushroom
Balti Prawn Saagwala
Balti Prawn Chana
Balti Prawn Kurma
Balti Prawn Madras
Balti Prawn Vindaloo
Balti Prawn Pathia
Balti Prawn Dhansak
Balti Prawn Garlic
Balti Prawn Jalfrezi
Balti Prawn Rogan Josh

King Prawn Balti Dishes
Balti King Prawn
Balti King Prawn Mushroom
Balti King Prawn Saagwala
Balti King Prawn Chana
Balti King Prawn Kurma
Balti King Prawn Madras
Balti King Prawn Vindaloo
Balti King Prawn Pathia
Balti King Prawn Dhansak
Balti King Prawn Garlic

Spice Valley Balti is not licenced and does not serve alcohol, but we do serve a range of soft drinks

....or you can just bring your own drinks (alcoholic or non alcoholic).....

SVB's House Specials    
Spice Valley House Special
full breast of chicken, marinated in chefs special sauce, stuffed with lightly spiced vegetables, with a rogan sauce and a hint of tangy style medium spiced bhuna sauce, served on a bed of pilau rice.
Butter Chicken
succulent chicken cooked in butter based sauce to give a rich flavour.
Kufta Jalfrezi
meat balls cooked with fresh tomato, onion and green chilli...fairly hot.
Fish Special Curry
fish marinated in delicate herbs, lightly spiced and in specially prepared sauce to give a truly unique experience, served with boiled rice.
Tikka Massala (Chicken/Lamb)
pieces of marinated tikka in spicy mild sauce with fresh coriander and cream.
Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi
pieces of marinated tikka cooked with fresh tomato, onion and green chilli, fairly hot.
Mistry Massala
large chunks of spicy chicken tikka cooked with peppers, onion - a mouith watering dish.
Murgh Massala
tandoori chicken off the bone cooked with fresh tomato and tender minced meat balls.
King Prawn Khazana
king prawn cooked on the shell blended with green peppers, tomato, onion, bay leaves and garnished with coriander.
Tikka Passanda (Chicken/Lamb)
marinated chicken or lamb tikka blended with almond, coconut topped with cashew nut, cherry and cream. mild and creamy dish.
Chicken Tikka Chatt Bhoona
tender pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a blend chatt massala sauce. slightly dry - chef's own recipe.
Nau Rattan Bhuna
succulent pieces of chicken and lamb tikka cooked in chef's own recipe.
Tandoori King Prawn Massala
oven roasted king prawn cooked in a mild and creamy massala sauce.
Chicken Makhani
boneless tandoori chicken cooked with almonds, coconut, mild sauce and fresh coriander.
Chicken Tikka Mirch Massala
tender pieces of chicken cooked with hot chilli seeds, green chillies, garnished with coriander - very hot.
Chicken Massaladar
chicken pieces mildly cooked in sauce with a touch of mango chutney pickle.
Tikka Bhuna (Chicken/Lamb)
marinated tikka cooked in a dry tomato and onion sauce.
Chicken Tikka Garlic
succulent chicken pieces cooked with pepper, tomato, flavoured with fresh garlic, served on a hot sizzler.

Tandoori Menu
Tikka Paneer
Tandoori King Prawn
Half Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Deluxe
Chicken Tikka
Lamb Tikka
Chicken Shashlick
Lamb Shashlick
King Prawn Shashlick

Biryani Dishes
Mushroom or Veg Biryani
Shimla Biryani
Spice Valley
Biryani (lamb, chk, prwn, kng prwn)
Chicken Biryani
Lamb Biryani
Prawn Biryani
King Prawn Biryani
Chicken Tikka Biryani
Lamb Tikka Biryani
Malaya Chicken Biryani

Engilsh Dishes
Mushroom Omlette
Chicken Omlette
Prawn Omlette
Cheese Omlette
Scampi and Chips
Chicken and Chips
(Chicken Pieces)

Side Dishes
Aloo Gobi
Mixed Vegetable Bhajee
Bhindi Bhajee
Saag Aloo
Bombay Aloo
Tarka Dhall
Channa Mossala
Mutter Paneer
Palak Paneer

Chicken Tikka Nan
Garlic & Coriander Nan
Cheese Nan
Keema Nan
Garlic Nan
Chilli Nan
Kulcha Nan

Peshwari Nan
Tandoori Roti
Pilau Rice
Mushroom Pilau Rice
Vegetable pilau Rice
Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice
Special Fried Rice
Spice Papadom
Chutney & Pickle Tray
(per person)


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